In late 2012 till early 2014 I was going all digital trying to superimpose geometric polyhedron shapes onto photographs of nature I took. It was my way to pay homage to my earlier work where I would paint shapes levitating over a scenic set of mountains or hills. It’s crazy to think that the ideas I had in my head years ago can finally be realized by today’s technology. It’s like technology finally caught up to me and the concepts I have in my brain.


Donald Trump is officially the Republican nominee. I’m surprised to say this but I’m excited to see what he would do as president. He is a business man and not a politician so he cannot be bought by any corporation or political group. He has a different motivation than the other candidates. He genuinely wants to Make America Great Again by boosting the economy, creating jobs, make “fair trade” actually fair and make our country safe again by supporting our military and protecting out vets.