Welcome to the kick-off edition of our new bi-monthly graffiti artist webzine. For our premiere edition, we introduce graffiti artist CISR / CYSR. Every issue will have reviews of up and coming taggers, designers, scribestars, and the ingenuity of today’s street artist generatuon.

Every review and interview will be conducted by Adyor and Krül Vanderlei. 

With this ‘zine, we hope to broaden your knowledge and creativity, and expand your interest in the graffiti scene. Ever since the 1980’s, street art has captured the hearts and minds of the young and creative, the lost and misunderstood, and maybe most importantly: the desire to do nothing but get your name UP there. 

As stated above our first artist to review is CYSR V7 . This kid came out of nowhere. He’s one of the most innovative young writers out there; never giving into trends nor allowing criticism to break him or put him in a mold. There is nobody comparable to his street art anywhere in the I.E, and he’s learned to turn stock tips into his forte, not allowing any cap or can or surface to stop his innovative wild/dirt style pieces to pop up all over the west coast. This is one kid to look out for in the future, because there’s nothing stopping him from being UP on all corners of the world. The most impressive thing about this artist is that he never claims to be anything but himself. Perfectly, unequivocally CYSR.



In late 2012 till early 2014 I was going all digital trying to superimpose geometric polyhedron shapes onto photographs of nature I took. It was my way to pay homage to my earlier work where I would paint shapes levitating over a scenic set of mountains or hills. It’s crazy to think that the ideas I had in my head years ago can finally be realized by today’s technology. It’s like technology finally caught up to me and the concepts I have in my brain.